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Who Are We &
What Do We Do?
The Fort Garry Community Network was established in 1999.

The Network is comprised of child and youth serving organizations, family support agencies, senior services and faith communities. Government and education sectors are also represented.

The mission statement of the Network is "Working collaboratively to promote the healthy development of children, youth, seniors and families."

What We've Been
Involved With...
The Network has supported the following initiatives in the community through partnerships between the community, agencies, organizations and government.

• Neighborhood Family Centers for pre-school
children and their families.
• Youth recreation programs.
• After school program(s) for special needs
• Outreach services for newcomer families.
• Seniors programs.
• Community safety/youth engagement
Benefits of Network
• Be familiar with service providers in the
• To have understanding of services and
resources in the community.
• Networking
• Learning about the community in which you
live or work.
• Guest Speakers.
• Develop a sense in working together.